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Alex & Anthony
Minutes of video & 250 Photos in this set!
Added on: 2010-10-12

This two cock loving twinks just can't wait to get down to bussiness. They were so rock hard even before they pulled down their pants. And once they got naked, all the delicious cock sucking and skin to skin masturbating went wild until they cum!Don't delay! You can start watching sexy tight assholes getting fucked for only $1!!
Alex & Duke
Minutes of video & 177 Photos in this set!
Added on: 2010-09-28

Alex tries to explain cock docking to Duke, but instead decides it would be easier to just show him. He squirts a little lube in his palm and warms it as his hand strokes his soft cock. He pulls on his flaccid foreskin making a beak like shape. Duke watches with excitement and starts pulling out his already erect cock. Alex opens the skin sleeve and engulfs Dukes hard prick. Alex slips his foreskin back and forth giving Duke an amazing sensation that he's never experienced before! They continue rubbing their meaty rods inside of Alex's love sleeve until Duke ejaculates all over Alex's now swollen head. The warm slippery nut juice drips out of Alex's foreskin and onto the floor as Duke tries to gather himself and return the favor!THOUSANDS of hours of videos are available RIGHT NOW for only $1!!
Anthony & Miles
Minutes of video & 228 Photos in this set!
Added on: 2010-09-14

Miles was really curious on how cock docking really feels like. So he hooked up with Anhony to show him and experience the pleasure of jacking off under each other's skin. Anthony started by giving Miles a good ass fuck then got on with their business on docking their cocks!We update our network EVERY SINGLE DAY! Get your $1 pass now!!
Marty & Stanley
Minutes of video & 289 Photos in this set!
Added on: 2010-08-31

Stanley was really excited to do this scene with Marty. After experiecing a couple of intimate cock docking, this time he will be doing it with a guy that he adores. Stanley wasted no time in satisfying his huge appetite on stroking his cock while inside Marty's foreskin.What are you waiting for? Tight assholes are waiting for you inside for only $1!!
Alex & Stanley
Minutes of video & 238 Photos in this set!
Added on: 2010-08-17

Alex was real good in sucking Stanley's cock! Well Stanley knows how to return a nice blowjob favor so he took Alex's cock, inserted his dick onto Alex's penis foreskin and started jacking off the two cocks. Alex had such a blast doing it that he offered his willing ass to Stanley to be fucked!If you like these guys, just wait until you see what we have inside!
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